Electric locks for lockers PU - series

Cabinet electric locks PU-series are universal solution for furniture, cabinets, cupboards and drawers requiring access control and/or time and attendance recording. Due to the housing out of high-quality plastic reinforced with fiberglass they are often used in the locker rooms in swimming pools, sports and wellness centers as well as employee lockers. They perfectly secure cabinets and drawers in offices and commercial buildings.


  • fail-secure (NC normally closed) 
  • dimmensions - szerokość 26 mm, height 56,5mm, depth  56,5 mm
  • mechanical strength – break-in resistance 1500 N (150 kg)
  • housing resistant to corrosion
  • versatile electric lock for lockers for wide range of applications


Index PU12 PU12 PU24 PU24
Current 12 AC/DC 12 DC 24 AC/DC 24 DC
Voltage tolerance (V) 10-14 10-12 22-26 20-28
Resistance (Ohm) 13 34 74 130
Power consumption AC (mA) 650 - 230 -
Power consumption DC (mA) 920 350 330 185
Max. preload AC (N) 7 - 5.5 -
Max. preload DC (N) 4 2 5 2,5
Pin lenght (mm) 18 18 18 18
Pin diameter (mm) 7 7 7 7
Weight (kg) 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1
Electric locks for lockers CBL - series

The most versatile model of electric lock for lockers, which depending of settings may work in NC mode or NO mode and be powered by 12V or 24V. Electric locks CBL are designed to cooperate with both swing and sliding doors. Recommended to furniture, drawers and lockers made out of HPL, wood and metal. Applied to drawers , server cabinets, swimming pool lockers and employee locker-rooms. Available in option with door status monitoring.

Work type NC lub NO NC lub NO
Power consumption AC (V) 12/24V DC 12/4V DC
Pobór prądu (mA) 187 200/100
Dimmensions: depth x width x height (mm) 30x29x73 32x29x94
Dimmensions - bolt (mm) 40x19x35 40x19x35
Lock monitoring no yes
Weight (kg) 0.16 0.16
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