The mechanical switch disconnects the electric control of the electric lock, allowing the door to remain open independently of the electrical pulses until the switch is switched back on again. An electric strike with a mechanical switch is often referred to as a day-night electric strike.

The mechanical switch cannot be used in fire prevention electric strikes.

Examples of mechanical switch applications:

  • In an office – when for a limited time we want to allow free passage for office users without requiring them to use card readers / codes. Such an electric strike does not need power to remain unlocked. Please note that the access control system will not record any passages then.
  • In a public area – this feature is especially useful when there are a lot of users at specific times, who do not have access cards or passwords for entering or people, who are not required to use access cards. This feature is usually used during business hours.
  • At home/block of flats – when an inhabitant wants to use the door / gate several times in a row (shopping, moving, refurbishing, etc.) at short intervals, without having to enter the code or use the key at every pass.
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